Terms and Conditions

All equipment, Pier and Marine Park fees for diving are to be paid in cash and must be paid while in Cozumel.

All rates are posted in $US and include the 16% mandatory Mexican Government Tax.

All activities will require a valid valid driver's license (or official photo ID) and Proof of Certification ID for SCUBA diving.

Not all tours reserved include transportation, in that event clients must provide their

own transportation.

There will be an additional $US1O surcharge for all upgrades.

NOTE: Additional fees for upgrading may apply providing space available.

A 50% deposit is required to hold and confirm reservation unless otherwise stated.

NO CHANGES to the packages as presented, unless upgrading. Refunds not will be granted for any portion of unused services.

Promotional packages are not available during certain blackout dates.

Vouchers purchased for services must be presented before the commencement of services begin.


All tours provided by Caribbean Expeditions and by our affiliates are designed to be completed on time and will conform to a predetermined schedule, the return to your cruise ship will be made in a timely fashion and guaranteed for departure.

Caribbean Expeditions will not responsible for loss of any personal items such as cameras, wallets, sunglasses, jackets, jewelry, hats, coats, cell phones, shoes, towels, MP3 players, cash or any other personal property. The guest must be diligent and will carry full responsibility.


Booking online guarantees our services and keeps your money protected, any payment in cash (USD/MEX) must be made directly to our well-identified Caribbean Expeditions representatives and they will provide a sales receipt which will guarantee your purchase is safe.

DONT MISS YOUR TOUR: Call for any updates (998) 157-4339

Please be sure to consult with our Caribbean Expeditions representative about times & meetings points for pick-ups. All appointments made by Caribbean Expeditions are based on our local time (Mexican). Some Airlines/Cruise Ship lines do not adjust to our local time and remain on homeport´s time throughout the cruise.


At Caribbean Expeditions our primary concern is your safety and comfort, If you are delayed or have any trouble finding us, please call or email us and we will come for you.

Are you already in Cozumel and would like a tour? Our representatives, are always willing and ready to attend to any necessity you may have, as well as to assist you in planning your excursions, resolve any doubts or questions, help out in the case of any emergency that may occur or simply give you advice on where to eat and what to do.


Some activities may be restricted according to the physical abilities or conditions of each person, such as heart problems, pregnancy, overweight, age, diabetes, high blood pressure or any other situation, before buying or booking consult a medical professional, your safe and comfort is our first concern.


All  cancellations must be made at least 21 days before booking date in high season and 7 days prior to booking date in low season. * 100% of the purchase will be refunded if the cancellation is made 21 days in advance, if the route of the cruise ship is canceled, if the flight is canceled, if the weather conditions affect the operation of the tour, if the reason or breach of the service is out of our reach and not able to offer the tour (*subject to any banking fees incurred by method of payment. )

Cancellations outside of the above will not be refunded.


FOR SAFE & SECURITY: Caribbean Expeditions positively will not provide service to anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other toxic or prohibited substance as it could affect the good performance and safety of the client. In the event of such an issue fees will not be refunded.

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